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Drainage systems
Laying systems
Drip edges
Angle profile
Durabal Balkonwinkel DURABAL
Balcony angle profiles
With drip edge and drainage holes
Finish of support-based installations
Edge protection
Flexibal Stelzlagerverlegung FLEXIBAL
Rail System
For the cladding of terrace steps
DD 80++
Drainage mat for highly
water permeable flooring
constructions outdoors
U-Drain pro Drainagerinne Designstark U-DRAIN
Surface drainage – System and Design

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With the outdoor products from DURAL, the terrace, garden, veranda and balcony are not only beautiful but also perfect. Trust our technical expertise. So that you don’t experience any nasty surprises even with large projects, we take care of the subsurface, drainage and edgings.

Durabal Balkonwinkelprofile
years of experience
Flexibal Schienensystem und Clip-System

Watch DURAL professional accessories for perfect patios and balconies. . .

Products to create ambient balcionies and terraces. Waterproof, safe drainage, beautiful coverings made with height adjustments… DURAL offers a complete range and a perfect systems for your leisure area.

profile systems for garden design, balconies and terrace

The DURABAL series consists of boundary and balcony angle profiles for terraces and balconies, facade and garden paths to create an elegant finish. Modern RAL tones support the garden design. With a wide range of variants, there is a suitable product system with coordinated accessories for connectors and corners for all design requirements in the garden and on the balcony and terrace.

Browse through the DURABAL brochure online here:


  • for installation heights from 30 to 120 mm
  • internal drainage
  • two-part and adjustable in height


  • for laying in a thinbed
  • of covering thicknesses
    9, 11 and 13 mm
  • 2 profile variants: panel height 18 and 60 mm


  • for draining waterlogging and standing water
  • 2 RAL colors
  • for larger installation heights 28, 40 and 70 mm


  • 3 profile variants for larger installation heights 28, 40, 70 mm
  • robust and elegant
  • Completion and securing of covering structures


  • L-shaped balcony / terrace angle profile
  • 3 heights: 55, 75, 95 mm
  • also as a stainless steel version


  • especially for the finishing of the construction with pedestals
  • 5 different heights possible
  • Laying with a covering thickness of 20 m
Flexibal Stelzlager DURABASDE DD 80 ++ Drainagematte
Flexibal Stelzlager DURABASDE DD 80 ++ Drainagematte


Self-leveling pedestals

Flexible and robust

Height adjustable from 25 to 185 mm. Automatic slope compensation up to +/- 5%. Each support can be loaded with up to 400 kg.

Modular System

All components can be easily configured if different heights are required.


FLEXIBAL Schienensystem

Self-leveling pedestals

Rail system

For better load distribution. Installed super fast thanks to the modular structure. There is space in the rail for cable trunking. Suitable for all FLEXIBAL pedestals. Robust aluminum rail to snap into the rigid 4 mm FLEXIBAL pedestal head.

Clip System

For simple, loose laid facing of terrace platforms, borders and landings. Special clip solution for wall connections. Time-saving installation. Made of sturdy stainless steel.

Drainage Mat

For particularly water-permeable surface structures outdoors.

  • for gravel / gravel bed, drainage screed and direct laying
  • dimensionally stable and pressure-resistant
  • very high water drainage capacity
DURABASE DD 80++ Drainagematte

No waterlogging on the terrace and the secure feeling that everything is in order underneath. With DURABASE DD80 ++ the dream of a garden can be easily realized with little effort. Connections are securely bonded with the self-adhesive DURABASE WP sealing tape or by overlapping mat joints with a width of approx. 3 studs. Fix/seal with Speed Flex glue.

DD 80 ++ does not rot and is resistant to aging. Offcuts are environmentally safe and can be disposed of with standard household waste.

Durabase DD 80++ Drainagematte

With DURABASE DD 80 ++ you avoid water build-up caused by faulty sealing or lack of gradients. Frost and heat are no longer a problem for the pavement construction. Cracks that lead to moisture penetration of the pavement and thus peeling are a thing of the past.

The flexible choice of the covering construction makes DURABASE DD 80++ a real problem solver for professional drainage.

Browse through the DURABASE DD 80++ brochure online here.


Channel system for surface drainage

Design meets System

Designed for modern landscaping. Design grate in two colors. For entrance, terrace, balcony, winter garden and commercial areas.

Inside Practice

Fast assembly, as no special substructure is required apart from a concrete bed or concrete wedge. The vertical drain can be flexibly positioned.

U-DRAIN pro Download

Browse the U-DRAIN pro brochure online here:

U-Drain pro flexibler Ablaufstutzen
U-DRAIN pro Drainagerinne anthrazit

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